Millenium Tanning New Paint It Black Dark Lotion Review

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Many people think that individuals with tanned skin are healthier looking and more attractive. Surely, it is uncommonly tough to get someone not to do something that is regarded as a factor that provides them with a positive perception.

Product Features

We are often told that having tanned skin especially for people with pale skin can be a tough process and may consume more effort, time and money. But, those days were gone. Nowadays, you can achieve beautiful tanned skin without undergoing a painful process with Millennium Dark Tanning Lotion.

  • This dark tanning lotion is formulated with extreme silicone emulsion blend that especially aids leave the skin become smooth and silky soft.
  • It delivers excellent dark bronze tanning outcomes due to its fifty times auto darkening tan technology.
  • It has clean cotton blossom and fresh fragrance.
  • It can speed up tanning, skin firming and bronzing process.
  • It can ensure topnotch dark tan color as well as maximum moisturization that can last longer.


While it is true that there are countless of dark tanning lotion you can pick and use at present, it is very vital to choose the one that also takes care of your skin and not merely focuses on skin tanning alone. The Millennium Dark Tanning Lotion comes with a number of perks:

  • This dark tanning lotion is appropriate for use for all ages since this product does not come with harsh ingredients.
  • It is very handy and can be used for indoor or outdoor tanning.
  • This lotion is not watery and not also super thick. Its scent lasts longer and does not smell and stick like awful tanning lotion.
  • This lotion can certainly make a quick and noticeable difference.


While it is true that Millennium Dark Tanning Lotion does not really contain risky ingredients, it is advised to consult your doctor first if you have very sensitive skin type in order to avoid any problems from occurring.


As compared to other tanning lotions I have used in the past, the Millennium Dark Tanning Lotion does not burn at all. For a fact, I obtain a dark tan. I am delighted that is does not turn my skin into orange just like other tanning lotions do. It does not give me a sticky feeling so it’s comfortable to use anytime.

I’ve bought this dark tanning lotion several times and so far I consider it as my most preferred one not merely because of its pleasant smell but also because this works best for me. I love using it because it delivers amazing results, I am fair skinned and this lotion makes me brown not golden-like or orange just like what most bronzing lotions do.

As for me, this dark tanning lotion is priced reasonably. You can get the real worth of your money since it provides positive results in no time and it does not harm my skin. It comes with 13 0z bottle size but it is a smart buy because it can last for a long time. So, I highly recommend it.