Top 5 Tips in Using a Bed Tanning Lotion

Tanning lotions are the most ideal products for those who would like to get the perfect tan. If you plan to use one, then it pays to learn some tips to use it safely in a tanning bed. This will guarantee your safety while also ensuring that you get your desired skin color. Get the best tan out of a tanning bed lotion with the aid of the following tips:
  1. Prepare your skin – You have to spend some time preparing your skin for the tanning procedure. It should be clean, and should be free of any dead buildup. This is important if you want your skin to get the most tan. In this case, it’s advisable to prepare your skin by cleaning it with water and body wash or mild soap. Exfoliating your skin with a high quality exfoliator is also a must. Scrub your legs, arms and your entire body using circular motions. Doing this aids in removing lifeless skin, which may improve the results of the tanning procedure. Once you’re done cleaning and exfoliating your skin, applying a light moisturizer is necessary. This is important in keeping your skin’s moisture level high and clearing up your skin follicles. Once done, your skin will be ready to receive the treatment.
  1. Decide how much time you should spend in the tanning bed – Make sure to strictly follow the instructions indicated in the tanning lotion as to how long you should stay in the tanning bed. In most cases, the safest would be 10 or so minutes, especially if you’re still a beginner. Avoid staying in the tanning bed for too long to prevent serious burns. Start small then gradually increase the length of time up to a maximum of 25 minutes. It’s also important to observe your skin’s reaction while you’re in the tanning bed. If you feel some kind of stinging or prickling sensation on your skin, then it’s advisable to stop right away. This could be a sign of overexposure.
  1. Avoid taking a shower right after the tanning procedure – This tip is important as it helps ensure that the product settles in or is absorbed by your skin. It would be best to wait for around 3-4 hours before taking a shower. Right after taking a bath, apply a moisturizer on your skin. This is a huge help in retaining its moisture.
  1. Cover some parts of your body – These include your nipple, genitals, eyes, and lips. You need to protect these parts from overexposure to the light. Note that these body parts are extremely sensitive, making them more prone to burning and irritation. For your eyes, it would be best to wear an FDA-accredited eyewear during the tanning process. Protect your lips, as well, with the aid of an SPF-15 lip balm before undergoing the tanning session.
  1. Make sure to use a tanning lotion with excellent quality – Tanning lotions specifically designed for tanning beds are actually capable of increasing your tan by around forty to seventy percent. While these are more expensive, you will realize that they are worthy investments. It’s mainly because they can offer better tanning results. You will also instantly notice their softening and smoothing effects on your skin.

With the help of the tips mentioned here, it will be easier for you to maximize the effects of your chosen indoor tanning lotion when used in a tanning bed. This will also keep you safe during the entire procedure.